Requiem for my love of food

Oh so long ago, I used to be in love with food. You can say I had a passion for it. My husband and I used to make all kinds of new and interesting things. One of our favorite thing to do was to invite friends over and experiment on them with different recipes. Kale salads, watermelon and feta appetizers, every Indian recipe we could get our hands on, you name it we made it.

It wasn’t just the eating part that we loved either. It was the search for the perfect recipe, then going out shopping for the ingredients, then coming home cleaning the kitchen and preparing to cook. The anticipation of the meal was always one of my favorite parts. What would it taste like? Would I screw up the recipe? Then came the cooking.

My husband would turn on some music then we would begin to prepare. Cutting the veggies and putting them aside. Preparing the spices and leaving them in individual dishes so that they can be used when the recipe called for it. Then we would put it all together and enjoy the fresh meal with a nice glass of wine and talk about our latest creation. It was always fun. This wasn’t a daily occurrence mind you. We did order pizza and have many a spaghetti nights but we did have those certain days of the week where we fell in love with food over and over again.

This all changed not when the kids came along but the moment we decided to have them. I had to have all the right food in order to have the perfect babies so gone were the sushi nights and salami appetizers, I tried to eat all the foods the websites said were good for a growing baby. IT wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy eating then it just food suddenly became less about the enjoyment of it to what nutritional value it had for my growing baby boy.

Then came the baby. In an instant the days of leisure shopping for ingredients and cooking a beautiful meal with my husband were gone. They were replaced with, “shit did I eat something today, oh screw it I will just eat a frozen burrito because the baby is going to wake up soon.”

It was a hard adjustment. We were used to eating a certain way for such a long time then suddenly this little person in our lives had changed everything. He became our priority and it completely ruined our love of food. Food was now something we had to eat to survive. The question, “what’s for dinner tonight?” used to excite me and after kids it now terrifies me.

My husband and I have come back to the world of blogging about food in order to find our passion for it again. With two kids now it is easy just to say, hey lets make pasta again tonight because its the only thing those little terrorists will eat. But I am determined to have them grow up with a taste for different foods and this blog is our attempt to regain that normalcy in our lives and reignite that passion for food that we once had and hopefully pass that on to our darling kids.